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Mossy Magic!

Spot the baby gecko!? (c) Andrew Gray

When reptile eggs hatch in our vivarium incubator its always a magic moment – but today it was extra special! )) For this morning we had 2 baby mossy geckos, Rhacodactylus chahoua, hatch after developing in their eggs for over 3 months. These are just wonderful lizards, and although they are sometimes seen in captivity, they are rarely reproduced. It was fantastic to see the tiny miniatures, and Adam in particular was absolutely thrilled. He has been trying to breed these for some time and they are his favorite species. Over the past few days he has been checking the eggs very regularly and they have received such attention over their development period that I think he feels like a proud father.

Young Mossy Gecko, 1 day old (c) Andrew Gray

Mossy geckos are an  arboreal gecko that have a prehensile tail and are found on the southern part of New Caledonia and on surrounding islands. The ones we have in the museum are from the Isle de Pines. Their colors range from red and brown to green or grey, and when sitting on bark or such-like they are extremely well camouflaged. We are so pleased that the animals we have in the museum have bred and all credit for the success is due to Adam’s knowledge are care.  Below is a video of the proud father with his new brood!

P.S. Make sure you also check out ADAMS PAGE, which features Adam showing other lizards in Madagascar and at Nordens Ark in Sweden when he visited last year.

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  1. The eggs of the newly hatched geckos look like flowers the way they are split on the sides. This is an interesting subject. The video is well done and informative.

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