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The long and short of it

Last time in Corfu I was lucky enough to come across the shortest species of snake on the island, a small worm or blind snake*. However, today I saw the largest species, the Four-lined Snake, Elaphe quatuorlineata. It’s a diurnal species that’s active from dawn till dusk, during which time it continually hunts small mammals and birds to eat. As its name suggests, it has four lines that run along the body, but these only develop as the snake grows and are not present on young individuals*. Unfortunately, a lot of these snakes are killed by people here, as many think that all the snakes are dangerous and should be killed on sight. This is particularly sad with regards this large snake because in reality its actually very harmless and will do little to try and defend itself. Even the largest specimen will not attempt to bite and are extremely placid with humans compared to most other wild snakes. Below is a medium sized specimen hunting in an olive grove that I filmed today, and a clip here especially for Emma Springfield*

Other human threats to snakes on Corfu: The Montpellier Snake 

2 Responses

  1. It is a beautiful snake. It is very long compared to most of the snakes I have seen. Common sense tells us to be cautious around any creature not familiar to us, but killing and maiming them is unnecessary. Thank you for my video.

  2. Hi Emma, Pleased you liked seeing the snake. Its a little difficult uploading the video here, but there is another of the snake now online. Best wishes, Andrew

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