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Legless in Corfu! (Pt 2)

As well as grass snakes, I also have soft spot for slow worms, Anguis fragilis*. These are not snakes, but a legless lizard that look very much like one. I used to look for them in the Lake District when I went up there every summer as a boy with my Grandma and family, and it took me ages to find one sometimes. However, within just a few days of being in Corfu I have already come across several, large and small, hidden away under stones. I have to say that is a little dodgy lifting stones in Corfu, as you never quite know what you might find*. Anyway, I have now decided to wear gloves! 🙂

One of the things you needn’t worry about wearing gloves for when you find one is a large relative of the slow worm that is also found on Corfu, the European Glass Lizard, Pseudopus apodus. These extremely strong snake-like lizards are really amazing creatures, and its a good job they don’t bite as they can grow to almost a metre and a half in length and have very powerful jaws. Their skin is very strange though: They have really tough scales on their lizard-like head and keeled bony platelets covering their entire body to serve as armour protection. I saw one last time*, but here is one I found today:

PS. For other video related to this post please click the links* highlighted in the text above!


2 Responses

  1. I am sure there are glaring differences but I cannot tell the difference between snakes and legless lizards.

    • Hi Emma, the main differences are that snakes don’t have any eyelids or ears, whereas legless lizard have. The ears appear as small openings and the lizards can blink and close their eyes, whereas snakes cannot. There are any other differences, but these are the most obvious. Hope you like the Video of the snake in the new post!

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