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The Emerald Island

At the moment I am on the beautiful green Greek Island of Corfu, where the weather is fab – and the herping promises to be even better! I came out here at the end of last week with Matt and his friend Carl, and we are all set to search for some fantastic reptiles. The focus of this trip is reptiles rather than amphibians, as this is the best time of year to look for for some of Corfu’s rarest. Snakes are supposed to be particularly abundant, and it is some of these that I really want to find on this trip. I had forgotten just how amazing this island is in terms of wildlife and plant life, it is truly breathtaking. I am staying in the north, by the coast, and a stonesthrow away from Agni Bay where Gerald Durrell lived as a boy. The scenery and landscape is truly fantastic. It also has an italian feel to the place, with all the Cypress trees, olive groves, and lush vegetation. The flowering plants that carpet the hillsides scent the air so strongly and provide such a colourful carpet that sometimes I just have to stop searching and stand there in awe. I love this place. Over the next week, I plan to share with you some of the reptiles I come across and will be posting and providing video clips on a daily basis. I hope you will enjoy these and learning about some of the wonderful reptiles of Corfu!

The last time I was in Corfu was in 2009


3 Responses

  1. I can see that you are having a good time as well as a successful “hunt”.

    • Hi Emma, if you are interested in nature and love being surrounded by it you just cant help not have a great time here. Is there anything in particular you would like me to look out for? If I find it I will do a special post for you!

      • Andrew, I love reading about all of it. The whip you had today was beautiful. Because of physical limitations, I cannot get about as I would like so I live vicariously through people like you. I need nothing special. I am just happy that you share your adventures with me.

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