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Easter Exchange!

I just wanted to give a short update after my last post ,which was before the opening of our Living Worlds Gallery. The opening of the gallery went down a storm, and the opening night was a really wonderful event. In all my time at the museum, I have never been to such an opening, it had such a good vibe and was so well attended. Apart from the main gallery, the animals in the vivarium were very popular and particularly the ones we had out for guests to see more closely. Our new student volunteers did a wonderful job, as well as all our regular volunteers and staff who gave up their time. One special mention I would like to give is to Jamie and Laura of Chameleoco for bringing their fantastic chameleons* and for being such stars, Thank You!

Also joining us during his stay in Manchester was Swedish herpetologist Kristofer Forsater from Norden’s Ark* (Pictured right with one of our frogs). You may remember that The Manchester Museum is developing collaborative links with this international conservation centre, which is based in Sweden. Well, we have an arrangement where staff from each of our institutions can exchange to help develop their skills and experience. Adam has already visited Nordens* as part of his professional development during which he had a wonderful time. This time it was Kristofer’s opportunity to come over to England and work with us in the Vivarium. He has spent just 10 days working closely with us and we hope the experience has been really valuable to him. We also hope to further develop our important collaboration with Norden’s Ark in the very near future.

Read all about the wonderful conservation work being carried out by Norden’s Ark.

3 Responses

  1. Would like to thank you Andrew for giving me the opportunity to come to Manchester Museum. And also a big thanks to Adam. I had a very good week. You have a very nice exhibition and very unique and beautiful animals in your collection. Hope to see you soon/Kristofer

  2. I am ecstatic to have found your blog. I have gone through older posts and just had a wonderful time. Frog Blog Manchester is Nature Site of the Week at Nature Center Magazine.

  3. What a wonderful area of study. I would really enjoy visiting your vivarium. I am being seranaded by chorus and peepers, with a few grey tree frogs.

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