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One of a Kind!

Even the most experienced frogologist can be forgiven for not recognising this amazing frog – for it is truly one of a kind.

The unique specimen is actually the product of two species, allowed to breed for a special investigation into their relatedness, and as part of research aimed at highlighting the conservation needs of distinct populations of Critically Endangered leaf frogs.  The breeding and DNA testing of the frogs, which uses harmless mouth swabs, has helped in identifying levels of genetic variation between species and also within different populations of the same species of Leaf frogs, including the Endangered Yellow-eyed, Black-eyed, and Lemur Leaf Frog.

Because the findings show that the level of separation between some populations is almost the same as that between some species, it suggests that we should not only be focusing our efforts on saving the Endangered species concerned, but also conserving distinct populations within these species separately. The work also highlights where further research should be concentrated in an effort to support the conservation of these amazing frogs.

Gray, A. R (2011). Notes on Hybridization in Leaf frogs of the genus Agalychnis (Anura, Hylidae, Phyllomedusinae), Cornell University and the National Science Institutes’ ArXiv:1102.4039v1, can be viewed as a high quality printable PDF or online at: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1102.4039v1

4 Responses

  1. New species are all well and good, but we discovered padicus softicus long ago…


  2. I really enjoyed the Salford College talk today, it was very interesting learning about the different species, thank you very much

  3. I was with the college group that came and i really enjoyed the talk i already liked exotics but now i understand invertebrates better now, thank you

  4. The talk that you had today with salford college was really good and interesting, i enjoyed it, so thank you 🙂

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