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Group visits!

I’ve been really busy teaching recently, and today I taught a group of 25 young children with special needs from Middlehurst School, which was absolutely wonderful. Seeing what a difference it makes to the young children leaves me feeling so proud to work for the Museum and real lucky to be doing a job that brings so much satisfaction. On Sunday I also welcomed a group of amateur herpetologists and interested adults from the North West Reptile Club (NWRC) to the Museum, and that was a top day too. They have helped us in the past during our Rainforest Big Saturday, and it was a real pleasure seeing them again and showing some of their new members behind the scenes. Yesterday was a particularly busy day, but again, so rewarding. We had a group of students from Salford University visit for an animalĀ session, which both Adam and I delivered. It seemed to go down really well and we hope all who attended enjoyed the session. Here’s a few pics from both visits!

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4 Responses

  1. Thankyou for the hugely interesting and informative talk. It was great to hear about the work you do, and how dedicated you are to the conservation cause. It was also great meeting the animals! I think I speak for everyone from the Widlife Conservation course at Salford Uni, when I say it was a pleasure to be there on Monday.

    • Thanks for a ‘ribbiting’ talk, it’s had me ‘hopping’ mad about amphibians and was ‘toad-ly’ awesome.

  2. Hi Andrew, Just wanted to say a big ‘Thank you’ to both you and Adam on behalf of all of the members of the North West Reptile Club that you and Adam kindly gave your time up for on Sunday (13.2.11). Everyone really enjoyed the visit and the talks that you and Adam gave us and they especially enjoyed getting up close and personal with the Red Eyed Leaf Frog and the New Caledonian Crested Geckos. It was great to catch up with all that the Museum is doing both with the live exhibit and with regard to conservation, we are all already looking forward to returning again sometime in the near future to hear how things are progressing. Thank you both once again for a truly informative and inspiring trip.

  3. We were a group of about 65 first-year students and three staff members (Robert Jehle, Paul Rees and Carly Tetley) from two combined ‘Wildlife’ programs at Salford University visiting Andrew and his team for a 2-hour presentation. We had an amazing time! Andrew talked us through his frog captive breeding, conservation, education and research activities in Central America as well as all around the globe, always bringing everything into the context of the alarming global amphibian declines. Andrew’s presentation was followed by Adam, who taught us about the skills of keeping reptiles for museum collections. The session with Andrew will remain extremely memorable last not least through the close and direct encounters with a range of different amphibians and reptiles, some of them critically endangered in the wild and normally not accessible to the public. It is a huge privilege to be at close with several vertebrate species that only a very small fraction of even experienced and specialist conservation biologists will ever be able to see!

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