Group visits!

I’ve been really busy teaching recently, and today I taught a group of 25 young children with special needs from Middlehurst School, which was absolutely wonderful. Seeing what a difference it makes to the young children leaves me feeling so proud to work for the Museum and real lucky to be doing a job that brings so much satisfaction. On Sunday I also welcomed a group of amateur herpetologists and interested adults from the North West Reptile Club (NWRC) to the Museum, and that was a top day too. They have helped us in the past during our Rainforest Big Saturday, and it was a real pleasure seeing them again and showing some of their new members behind the scenes. Yesterday was a particularly busy day, but again, so rewarding. We had a group of students from Salford University visit for an animal session, which both Adam and I delivered. It seemed to go down really well and we hope all who attended enjoyed the session. Here’s a few pics from both visits!

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