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Dart frogs of the Pacific

After returning from the Pacific Coast to the CRARC, to drop Brian off at home, it was time for Matt and I to make tracks back to San Jose, which is where we have just arrived. However, before we left, Brian showed me some of the frogs we didn’t manage to see on the Pacific side that he breeds in some of his vivariums.

Two species of Dart frog that only occur on the Pacific side of Costa Rica are the Granulated Dart Frog, Oophaga granulifera and Phyllobates vittatus, and it was superb to see these thriving in his naturalistic vivariums. Brian has two colour forms of the granulifera, one red, and one lime green with a blue underside, beautiful.

Below is a clip showing the red form and how Brian maintains them and the P. vittatus. I hope all the people into dart frogs enjoy watching these. If you would like to view the clip of the green form, which includes how to differentiate the sex in this species, please see Brian’s page. Also in that section you can hear about some of the different carnivorous plants Brian keeps as one of his hobbies. Before I finish mentioning about our visit the CRARC, I would like to thank Brian for sharing his interest with us and for his hospitality.



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