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Leaf Frogs of the CRARC

The amount of rain we having at the moment in Costa Rica has literally caused a national emergency – I have never seen rain like it in my life . I arrived at The Costa Rican Amphibian Research Centre (CRARC), owned by my good friend Brian Kubicki, with Matt Wilson, who has joined me on the trip. Together with Brian, we are spending the week sharing our interest in reptiles and amphibians at the CRARC and  also in an area on the Pacific Coast where none of us have ever been before.

With a short break in the rain we took the opportunity to explore Brian’s reserve and to look for some of the amazing amphibians that occur here. There are more frogs than anywhere in Costa Rica and 5 species of Leaf frogs occur in the rainforest here, including the Splendid Leaf Frog , Cruziohyla calcarifer and the Gliding Leaf Frog, Agalychnis spurrelli (Both pictured) Brian has spent many years supporting populations of rare leaf frogs here and it’s just wonderful to spend time his forest. It’s the first time Matt has been to the Neotropics and I think he is blown away with it all. He is taking some super photos of what we see, so look out for them on the last blog I will do from CR.

When we were out looking for the different Leaf frogs Matt also came face to face with the snake that eats Leaf frog eggs, a cat-eyed snake, Leptodiera septentrionalis.

To see the snake that Matt found, please Click Here

For the video filmed for Max, please Click Here

To see Cruziohyla tadpoles, please Click Here

To see a clip of a female Lemur Leaf Frog, please Click Here 

One Response

  1. Hi Andrew.

    Thank you very much for the calcarifer video! Just so beautiful, and it’s nice to see what Brian’s work actually is doing for the population. I simply have to visit Costa Rica someday………..
    Best regards

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