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Jewels of the Caribbean

3 species of Poison-dart frog occur in this area;   P. lugubris, D. auratus, O. pumilio. The last 2 species, commonly known as the Green and Black Dart Frog & the Strawberry Dart Frog, both occur together here. The Strawberry dart frogs from this area are the slightly less bright but completely red form (pictured). Here is a short clip just done showing both species. 

5 Responses

  1. Hi Andrew, It was great to meet you at the museum about the Tipping Point project with Sally from Whitworth. Thank you so much for your time, I’m really excited about the potential to work with you and the frogs. Sally is working on final drafts of proposal for funding at the mo – working title of the project is ‘It’s a Wipe Out’
    Totally loving hearing about everything you are experiencing in Costa Rica, the Sloth placement sounds so interesting, what an amazing experience.
    I cant believe what you are surrounded by – video diaries are great – hope there are more to come
    All the best & good luck with the rest of your trip
    PS – Id love to hear some recordings of frog calls/sounds on the blog live from their habitat

    • Hi Adela, It was great to meet you too! Thanks for your message, pleased to hear everything is going well with the application and you are enjoying the blog. Will record the call of some cool frogs for you this weekend. Look forward to catching up when I get back. Best wishes, Andrew

      • Exellent – hope you had another fantastic day, it’s snowed here and is very cold. Just going up garden to put hens to bed! Look forward to hearing those frogs – thanks Adela

  2. Hi Adela, called at the Amphibian Research Centre to drop off Brian on the way back from the Pacific. Please follow this link to see the calling frogs filmed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fweb0vd84mk

    Look forward to catching up when I get back. Have a great weekend! Andrew

  3. Hi Andrew
    Love the clip, thanks for that – great stuff!
    Look forward to hearing more about things when you are back – Hope you enjoy the rest of your time out there
    Thanks again

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