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Where eagles dare..

Today it was time for me to leave the Turrialtico, but before I left, I just sat and took in the moment..

A beautiful large eagle circled on the updraft in front of me as I looked out across the sunlit valley. How beautiful it soared, with wings outstretched, without effort.

Someone once asked me what animal I would be if I could choose, a frog perhaps? the answer was no, an Eagle. To soar like an eagle, as free as a bird. But what must it be like to be a fledgling eagle chick, when the time comes to leave the nest, to take a fateful drop from the nest or mountain ledge so high, without ever having flown before, to risk death…Would you be an eagle?

In the words of a music artist I am a fan of ‘In a world full of people only some want to fly – isn’t that Crazy!?

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