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Frogs and Physics!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working in close collaboration with our  highly enthusiastic and super organised Alexa Jeanes and my good friend and colleague from the Photon Science Institute Mark Dickinson. Between us, we’ve been delivering some A-Level Study Day sessions based around our frog research – and it’s been great fun for all involved.

Sessions have allowed students to get to grips with the latest hi-tech thermal imaging and spectrometry equipment, and use it to help them  understand  thermoregulation and also investigate the optical properties of amphibian skin.  Alexa has really helped develop the session from what we trialed last year and it’s been an enormous success. The collaboration draws on the expertise and resources of both departments, and recently we had students in from Salford City College and Blue Coats School in Oldham (pictured as thermal image). For photos of the sessions please follow the links below: https://frogblogmanchester.wordpress.com/undergraduate-teaching/salford-city-college/ & https://frogblogmanchester.wordpress.com/undergraduate-teaching/blue-coat-school-oldham/

Here’s a picture taken during a previous session with a cold-blooded frog on the hand of a warm-blooded student.  I bet the student’s hand wouldn’t look quite so warm if they were outside on this bitterly cold day tho. I sometimes think I must have been a tropical species in a past life 🙂 It’s got me thinking… perhaps it’s time for a taste of warmer climes, with a bit of sun to help with my thermoregulation – and of course lots of tropical frogs…

6 Responses

  1. I’m from the Blue Coat group that came on the ‘Frogs and Physics’ day a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to say thanks for a really good, educational day. I especially loved the lab practical as we had a chance to see and use really good equipment. Overall a really interesting day that I would highly recommend it to anyone else who gets offered the opportunity to go.

  2. Hi Emma, Great to hear from you and so pleased to know that you enjoyed the visit so much. Thanks very much for writing to let us know, its very much appreciated! Best wishes, Andrew

  3. Hi Andrew,
    I came to the Frogs and Physics day with the Blue Coat college group and I’d just like to say thanks for a brilliant day. It was great to find out how very similar degree courses can lead to such diverse job prospects. The talks were very interesting and thought-provoking, and were a different way to learn than sitting in a class. The practicals were especially fun as they built on what we’d been discussing in earlier in the day, and the equipment was clearly much more advanced than what we’d be able to use ordinarily. I’d recommend the trip to anybody who’s interested in any of the sciences; it’s a fantastic opportunity.

  4. Hi James, many thanks for the positive comment, I am really pleased to hear you enjoyed the session and found it so interesting. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Best wishes, Andrew

  5. It was a great day. Really good to see how frogs and other such stuff actually worked! I just hope you can do it again next year really.

  6. I’m from the bluecoat school group that went on the frogs and physics day i just want to say thanks for a really interesting day, i enjoyed seeing how adaptations in the frogs and other animals related to their environment. I would recommend to anybody who gets the opportunity to go as it was an informative and fun day.

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