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Thank You!

Well, what a wonderful Rainforest Saturday it was, superb! It certainly seemed like everyone who attended had a fab time – and if you were one of the people who did it would be great to hear what you.  Personally I have never seen so many smiling faces at one of our events and it was Sooo good to see all the kids getting in there with the animals. A big thanks to the brave little boy who acted as my assistant in my rainforest adventure talk  – putting his hand in one of my collecting bags without knowing what is inside is surely not what most people would dare to do! He was a star : -)  

Talking of stars, I would really like to thank every single person who helped make the day so special, all the volunteers, staff, and our invited special guests and speaker: you, (and your animals) were all absolutely wonderful. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I would also like to thank all the great kids from the Youth Board who came in on Saturday and give an extra special thanks to our Anna Bunney who, without all her hard work, our Big Saturday events just wouldn’t happen. Cheers Anna, hope you are having a good hols and well-earned break this week!  

P.S. During the day we were giving out Rainforest conservation guides produced by the Princes Trust. These are packed with facts and info about what is happening to our rainforests and what you can do to help. Anyone wanting one just write me a comment with their name and contact details (which will not appear on the blog) and I’ll post you one straight out with our compliments!   

4 Responses

  1. The Big Saturday was absoloutly awsome 🙂
    there was a huge varaity of animals, more than I ever knew we had and it was great to be able to get hands on with such animals as its not a opportunity often given.
    Also the talks by Andrew were pretty awesome, happened to go to Chester Zoo (who they help do conservation with) and got to show off when was near all the frogs and anphibians 🙂 so thanks for that

    So yeh just wants to say was a amazing day to learnt loads whilst getting to hold a snake XD and thanks too all who organised it 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for your message! It was super to see you and everyone on Saturday and its great to hear you enjoyed the session so much! Not sure if you can spot yourself on any of the pics tho: https://frogblogmanchester.wordpress.com/undergraduate-teaching/the-youth-board/

  3. We had a wonderful and informative day. The animal handling was a great opportunity for adults and children alike. My four year old was too shy to come up to you to ask if he could join you on one of your expeditions to the rainforest!!! Thankyou so much we really do enjoy seeing and learning about the animals, and have done so since my son and I first came to a frog handling magic carpet session a couple of years ago. His experiences have been invaluable and have sparked a lasting interest i’m sure. Best wishes and good luck.

    • Hello, and thank you very much for your kind comments, I am so pleased to hear that you had such a wonderful day when you visited the museum. I have been thinking, and in view of your little one being so interested in the animals, but being a little shy to fully participate in the Rainforest Day, I would really like to invite him to come for a special visit to see all the animals up close. It would be my pleasure to show him the animals we have off display and support his growing interest. As you may know I am in Costa Rica at the moment and internet connection is difficult much of the time. However, I would be very pleased to hear from you directly to my museum email address: andrew.gray@manchester.ac.uk and to arrange your visit as soon as I return. All the best, and thanks again for your message, Andrew.

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