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Opportunity knocks

Work experience with reptiles and amphibians, and in fact experience working with most exotic animals, is always a quite a rare  opportunity for those hoping to develop a career in Zoology or Herpetology. Over the years we have offered many  placements  for University Zoology students in the Vivarium at Manchester, and these we hope have not only provided the individuals with valuable work experience, but have also produced some excellent preliminary research to support  better captive husbandry of the animals concerned. Both are extremely important, and a such, we continue to try to help provide such opportunities whenever possible. The most recent placement we were able to help facilitate was for one our Zoology students, Rebecca  Cliffe,  to work on project at the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica which I mentioned last year.  Rebecca has just arrived there and for anyone interested in following her progress  please check out her new blog: http://beckycliffe.blogspot.com/

Not all the placement opportunities allow students to work in such exotic locations, but if you are a zoology student that is interested in taking time out to conduct a small research project, get valuable work experience with exotics animals,  and are passionate about supporting conservation, you might like to get in touch (please contact either myself or Jane Thomas our Placement Officer). At the moment we are working to fill several voluntary research opportunities that have become available,    which have placements that range from spending a month working with  Endangered frogs in Spain next summer to working for up to year on a new Critically Endangered tropical frog conservation project being developed in collaboration with another reputable institution in London.

Providing different personal development opportunities for our Vivarium staff is also something that is extremely important. Only last week, Adam, one of my assistants (Pictured with Snow Leopard), returned from his exchange visit to Norden’s Ark in Sweden, a fantastic place where he had an amazing experience learning from staff and also sharing his knowledge. We are extremely grateful for their collaboration and support in providing this wonderful opportunity and look forward to welcoming Kristofer from Norden’s Ark when he comes to Manchester. To see video clips of Adam’s visit, including Norden’s displays of mossy frogs, Mountain chickens, and native Swedish herp conservation, please see his section of the blog.

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  1. […] where staff from each of our institutions can exchange to help develop their skills and experience. Adam has already visited Nordens as part of his professional development during which he had a wonderful time. This time it was […]

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