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Lemur Leaf frogs at Bristol

Well, I have just returned from Bristol, where I have been to meet up with colleagues and collect some Lemur Leaf frogs from Bristol Zoo. It’s many years ago since we first provided the zoo with the founder stock  for a  breeding programme for this Critically Endangered  species, and I have to say that the  success they have had with professionally managing this species in captivity has far exceeded my expectations. Tim Skelton, the Curator of Herpetology at Bristol, has been hugely instrumental in the wonderful achievements the zoo has had with this species, and meeting him again, and seeing for myself the way the species is being managed so well, filled me with great pleasure. It was also fantastic to see the frogs thriving in their new amphipod (Pictured), a special bio-secure unit dedicated to the frogs, where every conceivable need is met and which only opened last month: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/bristol/8511225.stm

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