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School support for the Amphibian Ark

This Friday (16th) I will be going to Lancashire to support a very special science learning day at Balshaws High School in Leyland. Throughout the day I will be teaching  all the year 8 students  about adaptation and  biodiversity (from Tropical Sri Lanka to the deserts of Australia and Africa). In the evening I will also be conducting a presentation more focused on amphibian conservation and will be taking a wide variety of the Museum’s animals along with me, including some our unusual and critically endangered frogs. Everyone is welcome to attend the evening lecture, so if you live in or around the area please feel free to come along – it would be great to see you there!


The day has been organised thanks to Caroline Molyneux, the school’s super Head of Science, and should be lots of fun. Although it’s not the norm for me to be taking the animals out to schools, I have to say that it gives me great pleasure to support this day, particularly as the school will be contributing to amphibian conservation in respect of this: apart from highlighting the importance of amphibian to their pupils they are also specifically fundraising to support the important work of the Amphibian Ark:  (http://www.amphibianark.org/).

6 Responses

  1. Thanks for coming into Balshaws today!
    I really enjoyed your visit and all your creatures were fantastic, i am alot more interested in frogs etc now so.. thank-you, unfortunally i cant make tonight! 😦

  2. Just had that talk just after lunch 🙂
    it Was very good i have to say, i learn’t so much that i am coming back to the 6pm session.
    the animals fascinated me so much especially the gecko with the face tail 😀 .
    Very good you made Balshaw’s year 8 Sri Lanka Day worthwhile 🙂
    Chloe Ford (answered questions)

  3. Thanks Andrew,
    Great day..Great frogs, thanks alot Tom hughes

  4. Guys what lovely comments! Andrew was fabulous wasn’t he! Go onto the Amphibian Ark website and have a look at some of the work that they are doing!
    The school is making a donation to help Andrew and the Amphibian Arks work!

    Miss Molyneux

    • I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all at Balshaws for raising and donating £120 towards amphibian conservation! Many many thanks to Caroline and all the students involved. See you all again soon!! Andrew

  5. Hi all, Kevin here, head of the Amphibian Ark. I just wanted to pass along a word of thanks from my team to Andrew, for sharing his passion for amphibians with a great bunch of students, and to the year 8 students of Balshaws, for their warm reception of our partner Andrew and their generous support of amphibian conservation. Keep up the great work, all! Warmest regards, Kevin

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