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A cure for English weather

Posts like buses, a wait then three at a time 🙂  More post this week, but just wanted to make a little comment about last weeks teaching because if  I am being true to expressing my feelings on this blog I think I owe it. Well, even though the rainforest exhibit was completed, and after waiting a while it more than made me happy to see it looking like it should, I was still feeling a bit down in the dumps. I think that long, dark, cold English winter had finally caught up with me. C’mon, we all need a bit of sun and warmth, not just those tropical frogs. Well, Thursday came and I got a request from a special needs school near Warrington to ask if it was possible to bring in a couple of kids with autism at short notice.

Of course, the answer was yes. Well, I met the teachers and the two young lads at reception and my day started to brighten there and then. Over the next hour or so, I chatted one to one with them and showed them some of the special animals I use for our sessions.  Their excitement and the positive way they reacted was overwhelming. I can honestly say that I have never had such a rewarding teaching session than with those two young boys. It was pure Magic. I drove home that day heartfilled and whatever cloud had been there was totally lifted. I never need my faith in nature restoring but it never fails to amaze me the effect appreciating nature can have on people, not just me. This is why I love sharing it, and why I love my job.  Friday brought 70 biologists to teach and boy were they in for some positive teaching from someone buzzing from the day before!

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Photos from biology student teaching on Friday Click Here

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