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BBC’s ‘Human Planet’ series

If you have opened this page to watch ‘Baraka’ please scroll down to find the link.

Whilst down in Bristol this week it was also good to meet up with BBC  producer Tom Hugh-Jones and to support the filming of the new BBC natural history series Human Planet. I have worked with Tom on many series, such as David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth’ where I took his film crew to Costa Rica to film the gliding leaf frog  Agalychnis Spurrelli  for the very first time. Tom’s always great fun to hang out with. This time we were in the Natural History Unit’s studio filming a Giant Monkey frog’s amazing large eyes.


It’s also great that the Manchester Museum has been able to support the making of a series that helps people’s understanding of other cultures and which highlights the incredible relationship humankind has with the natural world.


and if you liked that, prepare to be spellbound by –

 Something I first saw 10 years ago: WATCH ‘BARAKA’ HERE

See also: Living cultures at the Manchester Museum

Many thanks to our frogblog visitor who kindly provided the following info:

The BBC have also produced a version of the Human Planet series for younger children.



Little Human Planet is the little sister series to Human Planet. Each programme follows the lives of young children from around the world, giving the CBeebies viewer a glimpse into how their counterparts live wherever they may be. The programme celebrates how children differ and what makes them the same around the world in a colourful and often surprising voyage of discovery. The films were recorded by the Human Planet team whilst on their journey exploring the variety of human existence across the continents. A challenging and exciting venture for CBeebies, that has produced exceptional insights and beautiful footage which they hope will delight adults and children alike.

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