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Visits that bring a :-)

Just a short note about a couple of heart warming visits we have had recently. One was when some great kids visited us from Oakfield House School for a special hands-on session with the animals. All the pupils  seemed to really enjoy the session and learn loads. They were a fabulous bunch and conducting the session was a real joy.   Thanks for coming all the way from Preston, and hope you come to visit us again soon! http://www.oakfieldhouseschool.co.uk/

Another special visit we have just had was from Bash and Sally Akhtar, whose Daughter, Shazia had come runner up in our ‘Name the Chameleon’ competition.  Shazia, together with her little brother Faris, got to grips with almost every animal behind-the-scenes.  Apparently, Shazia now has some great pictures of her visit to show her teacher and classmates, and Faris, who now wants a snake for his upcoming Birthday, is sounding like he’ll turn out a budding little herpetologist. Great stuff! 🙂

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  1. It isn’t just the youngsters who have that much fun visiting the Vivarium, we had a great time getting a peek behind the scenes with Andrew as part of our Art Gallery and Museum Studies MA. It was amazing to see all the different frogs, lizards, geckos and snakes – I’m pretty sure that my face looks about as excited as a 6 year old in all the photos!


    • Hi Andrew,
      Just wanted to mention how much I enjoyed the tour of the Vivarium. You obviously do some fantastic work in terms of conservation, and I think visitors cant help but be amazed to find living animals in a museum.

      I went back to see the finished new display case that was empty when we had our tour and it looks great.
      I was also interested to hear you are thinking of doing a handling table? I think that will be fantastic and I will definitely come back to have a look.

      It’s always great to find new surprises at a museum you think you know well!

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Here are the results for 1st February 2010 Scibar…– . 67 people attended

    An extremely good result,Andrew – In the top three for Knutsford Scibar over 5 years.

    Results Scale 1=Very poor 2=poor 3=avg 4=good 5=excellent Your audience ratings below.

    Informative 4.7

    Enjoyable 4.8

    Stimulating 4.7

    Participation 4.5

    Overall 4.7

    Thanks Andrew, and particularly for talking to my grandson Oliver. He is now keener than ever on frogs and such. I hope we see you again soon at the Scibar or at the Museum.

    Dave Thompson

    Knutsford Scibar




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