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Fire-bellied Toad conservation

Today I met Lene Rasmussen, a really committed Danish amphibian conservationist. She is heading a conservation initiative for Fire-bellied Toads (Bombina bombina) on behalf of Copenhagen Zoo, which includes raising tadpoles in captivity at the Zoo and then releasing the young into original habitat. Working with colleagues, she has reared and released over 1000 of the native amphibians this year alone. I was shown around the Zoo’s amphibian collection by Lars Jensen, a very experienced reptile and amphibian keeper who has been working at the Zoo for over 7 years. In this video Lars explains how they raise young toads, including Fire-bellies and Natterjacks. To see the other amphibians maintained behind the scenes at Copenhagen Zoo.

See: http://www.life-bombina.de/index.php?id=18&L=3

3 Responses

  1. Hi Andrew

    There was a really interesting talk about Bombina bombina conservation at the ARG UK northern conference in Leeds yesterday.

    The focus was on a 5 year conservation program for Fire-Bellied Toads in Sweden and Denmark including a very funny mention about a Eurovision style singing contest for the Toads (see link – v, funny1 🙂 )

    Anyway you probably are aware but here is the link, if you, or anyone else are interested in the Life-Bombina project

  2. Hi, thanks for that Louise, this is part of exactly the same project! BTW – extended the filming with footage of the Natterjacks just for you!

  3. Hey thank you 🙂 Cheered me up no end ( I am on crutches etc and still went to ARG conference – in part because of a Natterjack talk I really wanted to hear

    Really enjoying the clips – great way to keep me amused whilst I am house bound!!!

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