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Moston Steps Programme

During the past month we have become involved with Moston Steps, a complimentary education programme for young people who are not in mainstream education. I was approached by Andrea Winn, our Curator of community exhibitions, who, together with our Rebecca Machin, are helping support a group of young people to produce their own exhibition. The idea is that whilst developing many of their skills, they get the opportunity to interact with others and use objects from the museums collections.  When I heard about it I thought it sounded like a great initiative and one I would love to be involved in.  Well, after our first introductions it was time to introduce some of our animals. Our first meeting went down superbly and it was brilliant to meet all concerned in the project. Many strange faces were pulled during the session…and some big smiles. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone again soon and will be following the exhibition production with great interest. I’ll keep you posted on how things are going and when the exhibition is due to open at the North City Library. And to everyone involved – Keep up the good work!!

One Response

  1. I would like to thank Andrew for his support with the Moston Steps Darwin project. The young people really enjoyed Andrew’s session, it made their first visit to Manchester Museum unforgettable for them.

    Here are some of the comments we received from the young people

    ‘It was interesting and a lot of fun – thanks’ – James R

    ‘very good and enjoyable’ – Kyle

    ‘Funny, scared, happy, it was good’ – Danni

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