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Stop Press! Fijian Iguana exclusive footage!

We have just witnessed a most amazing scene at the Manchester Museum – our rare Fijian Iguana has just laid 4 large eggs right in front of our very eyes!  We knew she was nearly ready for laying, and so had taken her off display several weeks ago in preparation, but to be able to catch the very moment she is laying her eggs is so incredible. To our excitement, early this morning she started carefully digging a little tunnel in the soil at the bottom of her vivarium. We knew the egg laying was really imminent but these beautiful lizards normally lay their eggs underground, well away from prying eyes. However, because our Iggy is so unstressed, she must have felt happy to have started laying them from the surface, over the hole, and in our full view. 

It’s been absolutely amazing to watch, particularly as we’ve never heard of anyone in the world ever witnessing this sight before. We’ve obviously had no time to prepare a camera for this unexpected spectacle but, in an effort to share it with you, Steve Devine, our Digital Media Developer, reacted quickly and actually managed to catch the exact moment she laid her fourth egg – by using a mobile phone. As for the eggs, they may not be Orange, but their future certainly looks bright!

4 Responses

  1. Just goes to show how well looked after she is by you guys to be comfortable doing that!
    V.jealous you got to see that, but again its surely testament to your skills that you got to experience such a rare sight!
    Hope mother and babies are doing well 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the clip

  2. Such great news and some amazing footage there! congratulations.

  3. Hi Andrew you seem very proud, it certainly seems like a major achievement. I never realised just how much life there was in the museum.

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for getting in touch! I guess I am very proud of what is being achieved at Manchester, but its also a team effort. My asisstants, Adam and Matt do a great job in helping me keep the animals in spot on condition. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see more of and I would be really pleased to post a clip especially next week. Have a great weekend, Andrew

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