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Norway visit!

norway viewFor the past week or so I have been on holiday in Norway, embracing the elements whilst boating, walking and climbing as high as 3000ft with friends and family.  Norway is just such an incredible country and  I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors.

Norway school pic


Yesterday I also conducted a presentation on frogs and my amphibian conservation work for local pupils at Kannik School in Stavanger; it was a real pleasure to do. The whole visit has been a wonderful experience and my sincere thanks go to Susanne and Ola Ur for their great hospitality and friendship.


Norwegian Communication of Science initiative: http://www.forskningsdagene.no/artikkel/vis.html?tid=30355

School: http://www.linksidene.no/minskole/Kannik/pilot.nsf/vindex?Opennavigator&count=10

One Response

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Glad to hear you had a great time in Norway. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Bank holiday talk! Was lovely to get the opportunity to hear you talking about your amphibian work!
    Thank You

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