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Amphibian Book!

BookcoverSince my last post I’ve had several enquiries about amphibian captive husbandry. Many of these have come from people who are particularly interested in keeping amphibians for the very first time, and its been a real pleasure to hear from them and to hopefully provide some useful advice.

In general, my view on keeping wild amphibians in captivity is that they really belong in the wild. However, so long as the neccessary requirements can be fully met, I think that the keeping of some captive-bred amphibians can be extremely rewarding.  The main importance here is that the animals are properly cared for and that they have a good quality of life.      

To this end, I wrote a book several years ago on how to maintain a variety of different amphibian species successfully, which I dedicated to a wonderful friend of the family, Laurie Smith. He really supported my interest in animals when I was little and without his support in life I really don’t think things would have worked out the way they have for me. I owe him so much. Very sadly he died, just around the time the book was published by Collins, but I will never forget his face when I saw him read the little dedication I had written in the book.    

If anyone would be interested in obtaining a copy of the book, either for its introductory information on how to start keeping amphibians or just for general amphibian interest, more copies should hopefully be available soon in the Museum shop for the price of just £5 (for those interested but who can’t visit,  I’d be more than happy to send you out a new signed copy – please just contact me for details)

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