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New Poison-dart Frog Exhibit!

Picture 486Whilst waiting to get the go-ahead to restore our Amazon Exhibit, I thought it a real shame to not have our beautiful green and black poison-dart frogs on display. Therefore, I have recently worked on a new exhibit so visitors can see the frogs up close. Now the exhibit is all finished, and the frogs are in place, they appear to love being in their newly planted vivarium and are extremely active.  

If visiting the Museum, why not come and take a look at these truly amazing little creatures!

Click the link below to see a video clip and to find out more about these frogs: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7597107.stm

2 Responses

  1. I am in Manchester tomorrow so I shall pop in to the vivarium and have a look. The Poison Dart Frogs I worked longside at Chester Zoo where always a favourite of mine – and the childrens. Beautiful looking and a joy to watch climbing about in their tanks, I’m sure your visitors will love them too!
    On such a note, my head keeper Michael and I were saying the other day it would be a pleasure to show you around Bugworld one day. So if you ever want to come visit get in touch with one of us.

  2. Is that the old axolotl tank? Looks lovely. I’ve had to dismantle my dart frog tank unfortunately because mice got in! Pretty devastated. Good to read about what’s going on. I’ll be in Manc briefly in a couple of weeks so I’ll try and pop in to see how things have changed.

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