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Homeward bound!

Εικόνα 038

It is now time to leave Corfu and in 3 hours I will be on the plane back to England.  Had a relaxing day on the beach and a lovely Mediteranean lunch. I must admit that I will miss green trees against blue skies and white sand against blue water, but spending time on the beach has made me think how many people must come to Corfu and never go anywhere apart from it. They really don’t know what they are missing. In just 7 days I have seen 21 different reptiles and amphibians – and this is supposed to be the worst time of year to see anything! The places I have been and the people I’ve met have been wonderful too, such a great island. One thing that sticks out in my mind has been seeing a common reptile I knew full well I would see, a tortoise. I had one or two when I was a kid, but to see them in the wild, roaming the dunes, was very special. To see such wonderful creatures living where they really belong is something that far outways seeing anything in captivity.

Εικόνα 070As I leave, I feel privilaged to have experienced a different side of the Island than most holidaymakers and also to have had a glimpse of the wildlife diversity that once inspired one of my childhood heroes, Gerald Durrell. Seeing so many herps during my visit would not have been possible without the help of Matt Wilson, and for him sharing his knowledge, herpetological skills, and enthusiasm, I am very grateful. Cheers Matt.

Addition: The same week I arrived home I was sickened by some reports in the news. I can’t write here what I think of these people, but I am sure you can guess: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/essex/8156846.stm

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