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Εικόνα 004Although we searched and searched the hot rocky habitat of Mount Pandokrator on our trip to the highlands of Corfu, we didn’t find a single Horned Viper. Apparently this is about the worst months to be searching for them here because its just too hot. April, May and October is the best time when the weather is definately more suitable for both man and beast! We left the mountain top disappointed.

Later in the day however, our luck changed drastically. Walking through a lovely shady olive grove nearer to our base we disturbed a large Montpellier snake that was out hunting green lizards. Old olive trees (pictured) make for great reptile habitat as they have holes and crevices in which they can easily hide. Well, as soon as the snake saw us he was off. and at what a speed!!! I honestly don’t think I have ever seen a snake move faster! These snakes actively search prey by sight and have amazing eyesight – we were lucky to even get so close. An amazing snake – and one of Matt’s favourites, it made his day.   Before leaving the area, as the sun was setting and the mosquitoes started to bite, we found an ancient stone wall near an old overgrown chapel. A big flat stone nearby looked perfect. It’s funny but herper’s just get good vibes about the size, flatness, and position of such stones. Sounds nerdy, but it’s so true, you just know something good is waiting to be discovered beneath. We looked at each other and lifted the stone….Εικόνα 025

A Blind Snake. what can I say. So rare. sooo elusive, never found at this time of year, if at all in Corfu!

Nice find. Nice day. How I dislike the word ‘Nice’ – Bloody fantastic day! to be polite!

One Response

  1. Well if anyone was going to find something as rare as a Blind Snake it was likely to be you two 🙂
    Your comment about just ‘knowing’ where to look sounding nerdy made me smile. I learnt how true that is!
    During a uni field trip to tenerife we went looking for 3 of Islands endemic reptile species. The Gecko’s hide under rocks all day so when our lecturer took us to a vast coastal area just covered in rocks of all shapes and size I thought it was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack.
    My lecturer just told me to keep looking and trust my instincts. Well by day 3 I just seemed to ‘Know’ where to look and would get a good feeling when turning rocks over about finding something. I got such a kick out of my increasing knack for finding things over the course of the trip.
    And even if it is nerdy I still look forward to honing my skills on future trips…in fact being ever so jealousy reading about all your adventures and finds, I think I am just going to have to plan a trip to Corfu myself 🙂

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