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Remembering the Lemur Leaf Frog!

lemurAnouk Bikkers, a super artist and animal conservationist based in Canada  has produced a fun and very informative memory game that helps kids to discover some fascinating facts about a wide variety of the world’s most endangered animals. Her new version even features the Lemur Leaf Frog, Hylomantis lemur, from Costa Rica! The game is a great educational tool and hopefully in the future we may stock the game in our Museum shop as part of our Sustainable Planet initiative.

Click below to find out  more about the game and to also watch a past video clip of lemur leaf frogs at the Manchester Museum –  it just jogged some nice memories!

The memory game : http://anouksark.com/blog/?p=709 and http://anouksark.com/blog/?page_id=87

Lemur leaf frogs where they belong: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7597110.stm

7 Responses

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Found the the Frog Blog site fascinating, could not stop reading it. 24/7 would certainly not be enough.

    • Cheers Diane, thanks so much for writing to let me know! It really means alot to me to hear from people who are enjoying the blog and your interest is very much appreciated. Best wishes, Andrew

  2. Hello,
    I visited the museum with my mum on June 19th and took some pictures of the frogs you showed us.
    How would I upload these photos? There are 5 in total, not of amazing quality but the colours are very good 🙂

    • Hi Angela, nice to hear from you and hope you enjoyed the visit. It would be nice to see your pics. If you have nowhere to upload your photos and link to perhaps you might like to open a Fickr account. Its easy and free. Alternatively, you can send them directly to me: andrew.gray@manchester.ac.uk, and I would be happy to upload them onto my flickr account and make them viewable to all on the frogbog for you. Best wishes, Andrew

  3. Thank you for letting me see the animals today. My favourite animals were the leaf frog and the Royal Python snake.

  4. Thank you for letting me see the animals today. My favourite animals were the chameleon and the leaf frog.

  5. Dear Shane and James, It was my pleasure to meet you and show you our animals today. I am so pleased that you enjoyed coming to the museum and hope you come again soon. Best wishes, Andrew

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