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Bank Holiday Talk!

Apart from giving talks for under 12’s in the Museum, over the forthcoming months I am also very pleased to be giving several other presentations. Its always a pleasure for me to talk on my favourite subject – but be warned that its hard to stop me once I start! During some of the talks I will be highlighting the plight of the worlds amphibians and talking from a personal perspective about the conservation of some of the rarest and most fragile species. Most of  the talks will be between 40 minutes to an hour in length and will focus mainly on my work, conserving endangered frogs, and the importance of education and research. If you have the opportunity to come along then it would be great to meet you. At some events I will have some of the live frogs in question with me, but at all of them I will be making plenty of time for a chat afterwards.  The dates for the talks so far are as follows:   

3rd June –  Altlanta Zoo, GA, USA . 12 noon. For further info contact: ron@amphibianark.org

6th June – Manchester Museum, UK,  Go green! (For over 12yr old) 2pm in the Kanaris Theatre: http://www.museum.manchester.ac.uk/whatson/june/

9th June – Manchester Museum, UK, (For Science Teachers) also see: http://www.museum.manchester.ac.uk/learning/

12th June – Manchester University, UK, Smith Building 6pm (For students, staff and public over 12 years old) Contact richard.preziosi@manchester.ac.uk

23rd June – Manchester Museum, UK, (For secondary students) http://learningmanchester.wordpress.com/2009/05/18/meet-the-scientist-with-his-frogs-and-reptiles/

15th July – Manchester Museum, UK, (For secondary students) see above for details.

16th July – Manchester Museum, UK, (For secondary students) see above for details.

8th August – Manchester Museum, UK,  Nature Discovery Day session (For over 12 years olds) Details to follow.

31st August – SciBar, Didsbury, Manchester, UK. 6.30pm http://www.scibar.info/

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