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IMG_3355The adult male Fat-tailed gecko who is the star of our education talks has just become a father!  Here is a pic of the tiny hatchling that emerged just 3 hours ago! Mother and baby are doing fine! 

More photos at http://is.gd/BZpT  and to keep up to date with all our other museum news see http://twitter.com/McrMuseum

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  1. On 1st March 2010 my son, Oliver, (aged 8) and I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Gray at the Knutsford Scibar run by Dave Thompson (my father). Oliver has always been very interested in animals and is constantly routing around in the undergrowth or fishing around in our pond to see what he can find. The talk was fantastic and we even got to hold a tree frog!

    Seeing Oliver’s enthusiasm, Andrew invited us to contact him when we next visited the museum so that he could give us a little tour of the live section of the museum. We took up his offer and as a family visited the museum. The exhibits are fantastic and it’s certainly a must-see if you are visiting the museum.

    We were also lucky enough to be taken behind the scenes where we were introduced to many of the reptiles and amphibians. I have to say that the boys were in their element, as too were we, and we were particularly taken with the fat tailed gecko shown in the picture. We currently have a leopard gecko which Oliver got for his birthday last year and have often thought about a companion for him. In chatting about the feasibility of this, Andrew mentioned that they sometimes offer specimens to “good homes” and that if a fat tailed gecko became available he would contact us.

    I’m delighted to say that we are now the proud owners of the fat tailed gecko pictured and that she has been introduced to our leopard gecko. Both geckos are settling down well together. We can’t thank you enough!

    Jacqui, David, Oliver & Harvey
    The Laws Family

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