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Undergraduate teaching 2009

img_5904Over the past month I have had a particularly busy teaching period, which has been great because its something I really enjoy. Apart from contributing to sessions for some of the many schoolchildren who visit the Museum, I have also taught about 180 undergraduate students. The last lesson I ran was on Friday, and I would just like to say a big thanks to all the colleagues and demonstrators  who helped me deliver the session.  Here are some photos taken during the 2009 session

ADDITION: Below are links to photographs taken during other similar undergraduate teaching sessions delivered since:

Zoology student practicals (photos from 2010)

Biology student practicals (photos from 2010)

Photos from 2011


6 Responses

  1. These undergrad sessions are really great,
    & the students learn so much! I am sure for many it is their favourite practical session and due to Andrew’s enthusiasm and technical knowledge it is a valuable addition to the Faculty of Life Sciences undergraduate training. Thanks Andrew!

  2. Amanda really hits the nail on the head – this session was my favourite by far, and many of my friends agree. The talks were informative and engaging and actually being able to hold and interact with some of the animals really got people involved and interested. Hopefully next year I’ll get a chance to volunteer at the Museum and learn even more about these fascinating animals! Thank you!

  3. Hey,
    Just like to thankyou for a great afternoon!made a great change from the normal labs we have and I felt I learnt a lot more.
    If you need any volunteers in future I’d love to help!
    Thanks again,

  4. The teaching session was great fun, interesting and a briliant opportunity to see the animals close up. Something most people dont get chance to do. An enjoyable practical.

  5. I really enjoyed this session, paticularly getting to experience the animals first hand as it was really engaging and fun. Also all the staff were very informative and helpful. The tree frogs were very cute!

  6. This was my favourite session aswell, there’s not enough chance in our degree to get so close to animals, and it changed my mind about alot of the insects! I’d love to volunteer there if theres a chance? Thanks, Lexy

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