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An alternative rare golden frog!

img_58651Whilst working in the Vivarium last week, I got a call from our reception to say that a rare live golden frog that had been brought into the museum! I obviously said I would be straight down and was very pleased the museum lift was working at last! When I got there, sure enough, there was a beautiful live golden frog waiting for me :-). However, it was not the endangered tropical form I had fleetingly imagined, but one from much closer to home. It was in fact an albino common frog, that a lady from nearby Stretford had kindly brought in to show me. I must admit that I was very pleased she had, for although I knew that these albinos occaisionally turn up I had never ever seen one in the flesh. img_5863Most albino frogs are easily spotted by predators and usually dont’ last long. However, this was a large adult female and was a stunning bright orange colour. It was clearly thriving and very healthy so must have been clever at evading predators for all its life. Here is a photo of the animal and also above is one of the lady, Mrs Pollit, who very kindly decided to bring in the animal from her pond to show me.

4 Responses

  1. Just thought I’d share an experience of my own with an unusually coloured amphibian! I was at a Herpcon Trust Reptile survey training day at Ainsdale yesterday – where we spotted a few gorgeously green male sand lizards basking in the sand dunes.
    Though it was a Reptile training day we could hardly pass up on a chance to see the Natterjacks, so we set off after dark, led by one of the local rangers.
    Torches shone in a large pool we came across not a toad, but a rather large and very RED common frog. Despite his bright colouration he too had so far survived and was certainly quick enough – he escaped soon after first being picked up and rapidly hopped off before I got a chance to get a picture sadly. I have heard of the red colouration occuring but never seen it til last night!

    • Hi Louise, sounds like you had fab day – and night! Really cool to see those beautiful sand lizards! I have only seen a few bright red frogs and it always surprises me how many different colours of our common frog you can come across. I went back to the adder site last Sunday and found two small males that were also very different in colour from the ones previous – these were really bright green and black – really nice specimens:). Please let me know if you come across anything else of interest . Take care, Andrew.

  2. What became of this little guy?

    • Hi Killan, thanks for message and interest. The lady who brought him in took him back home and realised him back in her pond. I a not sure how he has gone on as we haven’t heard anything since the lady came in. Best wishes, Andrew

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