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Frogs, foam, and fast exits!


Here are some photographs of the wonderful frog, Edalorhina perezi, from Ecuador. These frogs are usually brown to match their surroundings, but show their bright bold colours if disturbed by predators. They even enlarge themsleves and have two ‘eye spots’ when viewed from the rear, which makes them appear threatening to other animals. I found this pair breeding at the very back of a deep ‘cheese-press’  cave that I crawled inside. The ceiling was crawling with large whip-scorpions and at the back was  a colony of vampire bats. Just about managed to keep my cool as I photographed these frogs laying their eggs inside a foamy nest being whipped up by the male’s back legs. My back legs couldn’t get me out of fast enough afterwards when the whip-scorpions became active! 🙂

5 Responses

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  2. Fabulous pix. Thanks for posting them! Cat

  3. Great photos!

    Does this species primarily breed in caves?


    • Cheers Mike! I don’t think this species normally breeds in caves, but is a bit of an opportunist when it comes to finding breeding sites. It tends to mainly breed in small forest pools, but does seem to prefer breeding in newly formed pools that have no other frogs breeding there. I guess these pools provide less competition and also less predators. The pool at the back of the cave would be just perfect, as there was nothing else breeding there.

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