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Amphibian reproduction – Tree frogs use Bromeliads too!

untitled-3Most of us tend to think that its only Poison-dart frogs, like the one posted last week, that use bromeliads to help develop their tadpoles. However, there are also some treefrogs who do the same, even some species belonging to the genus Isthmohyla that are found in Central America live and breed exclusively in these type of plants.  Here is a photo of a most unusual treefrog belonging to the genus Phyllodytes that I found whilst exploring the highest peak in Trindad, El Tucuche,  with Professor Malcolm Kennedy from Glasgow University’s Department of Zoology, some years ago.  This is the beautiful Golden tree Frog Phyllodytes auratus. untitled-4I believe this little frog, which is  endemic to Trinidad, lives and breeds exclusively in only one type of giant bromeliad on this one mountain in the world – or did do.  Someone recently told me it has now gone, but I really hope this is not the case. During the trip we found gold-striped tadpoles (pictured right) only in the bromeliads that had a single adult frog present, suggesting the parent may care for their tadpoles in much the same way as poison-dart frogs do – by guarding and feeding them on unfertilized eggs. Here is bit more info on this interesting and extremely rare species:


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