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Fiji’s on extended honeymoon!

figi-maleEarlier this week we recieved Chester Zoo’s female Fijian Iguana to pair up with our male.  Over the weekend we are hoping they will get together and mate. The new female has settled in well and has already been making amorous moves towards our Manchester male 🙂

Mondays update: The Chester female  is eating well and looking good! She seems to have taken a real fancy to the Manchester Male and has even been spotted liking his face 😛

Tuesdays update: Today our male Fijian Iguana is almost unrecognizable, having changed from his normal bright green and blue clouration (see photo) to dark green with almost black stripes. This is the display colouration  of Fijian iguana males that are ready to mate!

End of week update: The male and female are now inseparable and getting on extremely well. Throughout the week there has been constant  display behaviours with lots of communication through head bobbing.  However, we still have not actually witnessed any matings and so we are  now considering leaving the loved up pair together for a further week to ensure the pairing is successful 🙂

One Response

  1. Hi Andrew
    I have been wondering how you were getting on with her. If you get a chance do let us know how the new couple get on 🙂
    Hope all is well at the vivarium.

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