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Dayglo tadpoles!

P vaillanti

P vaillanti

Further to my post about amphibian breeding biology, I thought you might be interested to hear about some flourescent yellow-green tadpoles I found in Ecuador. These belonged to the Tan-ridged Monkey Frog Phyllomedusa vaillanti. These beautiful frogs typically lay their eggs on vegetation overhanging streams and the male and female fold the leaf around the eggs as they are laid. The eggs are protected from being eaten by fish as they develop before hatching some 5-7 days later. Most phyllomedusine tadpoles are dark or almost black, however, these particular ones are bright dayglo yellow. They are really unusual in that they also act just like fish, shoaling to avoid predation.  Although its not great quality and cut short, here is short clip of me catching some. These tadpoles are harder to catch with a net than fish. The night after this we went back and the place where I had been walking in the water was absolutely full of large electric eels :-0

3 Responses

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  2. Love the video! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Cat

  3. Hi Andrew
    That’s really interesting. I was just thinking of colour of tadpoles and whether or not that affected the colour of adults. Does anyone know if anyone has raised any of these tads from eggs and if you see the same colours. I know my P. trinitatis tads background matched quite significantly and I’m actually online to see if there’s much work been done on this.

    The lemur are still doing well-Folk love the little alien like beings!

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