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Re:Tree frog and Harlequin toads!

Nyctimantis rugicepsI have been asked about the little curled up frog that I posted on my Christmas message. This wonderful tree frog is Nyctimantis rugiceps from Ecuador and curls into a ball in defense when discovered.

It belongs to a primitive genus and occupies the same niche as the crowned treefrog Anotheca spinosa in Central America. Both species, and others, adopt this unusual pose when threatened. They both live and breed in treeholes and use the hollows in which they live to amplify their calls – very cool! I found this amazing frog whilst takings students into the forest on a fieldcourse in the Payamino area, near the Sumaco Volcano. Here is a bit more on the find: Tale from the Bush.doc

Here is also a bit of info on the beautiful Harlequin toads I found in Costa Rica a couple of years back that relates to the leg-waving question by Louise Hudson. Hope you like the pics Louise! Costa Rican Atelopus

3 Responses

  1. Thank you Andrew…really enjoyed reading the ‘a tale from the bush’ piece…you write so eloquently that you can almost picture it all in your head as you read…I only hope one day I am out there myself looking for frogs.
    And as for the Harleqiuns…well there are no words..they are just beautiful…if animals were a canvas that nature had painted on, I think the frogs would have to be the greatest pieces of art.

  2. I too loved your Tale From The Bush! Wonderful! Also liked the image of Nyctimantis rugiceps rolling into a ball for defense.

    Love your blog too!


    • Hi Cat, thanks alot for getting in touch – and for your very kind comments 🙂 Best wishes, Andrew

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