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ARG UK Herpetofauna Workers’ Conference 2009

Over the weekend I attended the National Herpetofauna Workers meeting in Lancashire and gave a lecture at the evening event. It was a super conference and I really enjoyed meeting everyone who attended. For further information on how to get involved with this great organisation please see: http://www.arg-uk.org.uk/.

At the conference, I highlighted the forthcoming conservation project I am trying to establish in an effort to help conserve the Critically endangered Isthmohyla rivularis population re-discovered at Monteverde.  As the project develops I will keep you updated, as it would be great to have your support and involvement.  

At the conference I also bumped into someone I have not seen for a while, who many many years ago did his work experience with me. Chris Kerfoot was infact the first work experience pupil I ever had working with me,  and the short time he spent with the frogs when he was 15 must have had a bit of an impact on him as he has now gone on to be a herp professional after completing his Masters at Leeds Uni. His work for his Masters in 2003 was particularly ground-breaking at the time and actually confirmed the separation within the genus of Agalychnis before Faivovich et al did so in 2005: see  http://www.biolog-e.leeds.ac.uk/Biolog-e/uploads/chriskerfoot.pdf.  Anyway, it was great to see him and know he is now working professionally to help conserve our British herps.

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