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Merry Christmas!

If meditation were all it took to achieve Enlightenment, frogs would be Buddhas.

If meditation were all it took to achieve Enlightenment, frogs would be Buddhas.

I just wanted to wish everyone who has been viewing the Frogblog, and also those who have been so kind as to write to me personally in support of my work, a very very Merry Christmas!  This year has been quite a Year of the Frog and I am quite sure the New Year will bring  new challenges, and many new rewards!  Before we start the new year I thought you might like to hear of a little teaching session I recently conducted with animals for Cribden House special school from Rossendale. Some people say you should never work with animals and children, but for those who know me they know I love both.  Over the years here I have tried to develop the use of the animals for schoolchildren, and am especially keen to conduct sessions for kids with special needs. Over the past year I have had some wonderful groups of children to teach from near and far, but because I am so busy in between, I always seem to forget how special these are to me and how totally re-inspired they make me feel in response to the sessions I provide. The children seem to absolutely love hearing about my adventures, the animals, and being able to get up close to the wide variety of creatures I use in my sessions. Particularly of interest  are the treefrogs, snakes and a ‘two-headed’ fat tailed gecko. Since Darren went to Canada, I have been particularly busy. Well,  the visit by the kids from Cribden relit my soul. The session was a sheer delight for me to conduct, I was in my element, and the little smiling faces of the all who attended will certainly stay with me for a very long time. Unfortunately it is not possible to show you these  faces, as we need permission, but lets just say that I hope you and yours all get to shine as bright this Christmas!  Have a good one!

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