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Invited International Symposium Lecture

Halting the Global Decline in Amphibians, at the Zoo

Over the past couple of days I have been lecturing on my work at the Zoological Society of London, who have hosted a two-day symposium to bring together worldwide amphibian researchers and conservationists to discuss the amphibian decline crisis and possible solutions. Other contributors have included Sir David Attenborough and leading workers in the fields of amphibian research and conservation. I have had a wonderful time, and even got to sit next to and quickly chat with Sir David. I also met many other interesting like-minded individuals who were really passionate about their subject.

The place was literally packed full of enthusiastic people interested in amphibian conservation. Most presentations were superb and the event has been extremely well organised and run. I have to say that the whole thing has been a real privilage to be a part of. At the end of the two days, you could feel that a real unity had been created, it was a wonderful vibe.  For many, the realisation that individual effort was recognised, and that this formed such an important part of the whole, the poem by the lovely Elspeth Murray said it all …

It’s My Job

Why does the hero in this film persist?

Demands his breathlessly sweating sidekick.

There’s nothing but a crowbar in his fist

while in the foreground dire explosives tick.

Like us, this lone star surely knows too much

of what’s at stake, the likely loss of life,

how dominos fall at a single touch,

the brink of doom on the edge of a knife.

And since true wisdom weighs way more than strength

and Archimedes’ lever, out in space,

can move the earth if of sufficient length,

is ‘It’s my job’ enough to state his case?

Collective leverage springs us unfurled

heroically, as one, to change the world.

  Symposium Advert          ZSL Symposium Details         www.elspethmurray.com

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